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Dhat syndrome is a situation where a man experiences the passing out of semen during urination or with stool. It is not something to be joked about because it causes serious mental and physical disturbances. The problem is currently increasing in countries like China. Many boys and men experience this problem due to masturbation or weak penile muscles. The problem causes serious damage to a man’s sex life, for example, premature ejaculation, low sperm count and infertility. Men may feel they have lost their sexual power and desire and ability to satisfy a woman during intercourse and of course it is hard to be dealt with. The other cause may also be due to aging where the reproductive system gets weakened or affected by any disease. It is good that when you start experiencing this syndrome you get urgent treatment before things get worse. It is widely experienced in the Indian villages and less in the main cities. It may lead to low sperm count and also poor quality with the loss of major nutrients from the body resulting in health problems.

Prostatic discharge or Dhat can be treated by the Ayurvedic medicines that can strengthen your penile muscles and stop the semen flow within urine and stool. The natural treatment ensures that you recover properly and stop the leakage. It is advisable that you practice normal sex with your partner and stop any kind of self-satisfaction that can increase the risk. You can receive Dhat treatment in India at our center to avoid further sexual issues and prevent the occurrence of impotence.

The treatment will strengthen your sexual energy and keep the right metabolism rate for your body. It will also help in boosting and controlling hormones for the production of quality sperms. Men should be aware of the rising sexual dysfunctions like Dhat, nightfall, erectile dysfunction and infertility in men and women. Precautions should be a priority while practicing sex and above all be faithful to your partners. The expert here can help you treat all your sexual disorders and bring back the real you again.